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A Thrill of Hope, the Weary World Rejoices

  Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, the quintessential anticipatory moments. The highest hopes peak for ideal presents and wishes fulfilled. Bags and boxes stuffed with things but tied to hearts yearning for contentment. Christmas was disappointing this year. We missed out on our family Christmas Eve celebration. We thought it would be different this year. It's our own choice, yes. We chose isolation over gathering but not because we wanted to choose it.  This whole pandemic has been full of choices we've not wanted to make. Shall I pick isolating my children and compromise their social-emotional well-being OR subject my immunosuppressed child who is on immunosuppressants to a virus that could potentially cause her a relapse that she and we have been working so hard to prevent?  There isn't a good choice here. It's not like I'm picking between a week in Tahiti or The Virgin Islands where my biggest concern is SPF and cocktail options. Instead, I'm picking bet

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