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A Curious Gardener

Good morning from the garden.  Today I'm overwhelmed because I've got more garden problems than I know what to do with. Its mid-July and each plant and each flower seems to have its own agenda. I'm trying to get them to work together and help each other out, or at least just hold their own but these pipe dreams aren't coming to fruition. The pumpkins have thrips, the squash won't pollinate, the runner beans have slowed to a jog, and the tomato branches are yellowing and falling off. Where to start? I began this spring so very hopeful but reality has since set in. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not that great of a gardener.    Consider as proof the saga of my watermelon vine. Some time last year,  I watched a local gardener, via Instagram, plant his watermelons on trellises. He boasted his trellises supported watermelons and pumpkins up to 20 pounds. Inspiration hit. I can do this too. So, I did. I bought a trellis and planted three vines and away they

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