This morning "hope" flew into the yard fiercely.
It was looking for prey: worry, strife, fear.

It perched on my birdbath, glancing over its shoulder.

So stately and regal!

This morning “hope” was hungry. 

It was hunting in and around, searching diligently. 

Its emptiness drove it forward.  

So primal and insatiable!

This morning “hope” stayed but for a moment.

And flew out as quickly as it came. 

But it was here. I saw it. I recognized it.

So heartening and energizing! 

I have seen “hope” in my yard many times. 

It comes on the wing of many creatures. 

I know what it looks like now. I look for it daily.

A constant looking, a perpetual finding.  

Inspired by “Hope’ is the thing with feathers”  by Emily Dickinson


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